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126659 mintxfingd
Zondervan 2014 Ministers Tax and Financial Guide
The Zondervan 2014 Minister's Tax and Financial Guide is the most accessible, easy-to-follow workbook of its kind, explaining complex tax concerns in plain language. For 2014, this guide includes a line-by-line explanation of the 1040 Form as well as information on recent changes in the tax code, sound retirement planning helps, compensation planning guidance, and maximizing business expense reimbursements.

by Dan Busby
ST#126659  SRP $15.99        Our Price $13.99 for a Limited Time

126658 chnonprftgd
Zondervan 2014 Church and Non-Profit Tax and Financial Guide

The Zondervan 2014 Church and Nonprofit Tax and Financial Guide is the most accessible, complete, and easy-to-follow tax and financial guide of its kind, explaining complex tax concerns in plain language.
by Dan Busby
ST#126658  SRP $15.99    
   Our Price $13.99 for a Limited Time

107671 2014pstannual
Zondervan 2014 Pastor Annual with CD_TT Crabtree

The Zondervan 2014 Pastor's Annual---an annual bestselling resource for preachers by T. T. Crabtree---provides a planned preaching program for an entire year, including Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and midweek sermons, as well as helps for special occasions such as weddings, funerals, and youth meetings.

ST#107671  Our Price $22.95

Star Book for Ministers
Star Book for Ministers
by Edward T. Hiscox
213 pages in six parts. This bestseller contains forms and suggestions for every type of service in which a minister would be called upon to participate.
ST#881670  Our Price: $15.00

Star Book for Ministers_Gift Edition
Star Book for Ministers Gift Edition
Scripture selections
Outlines for weddings and funerals
Parliamentary considerations for churches
Forms for commonly needed letters and certificates
This new gift edition comes packaged in an elegant gift box and features an imitation leather cover embossed with the traditional gold star. A presentation page allows you to personalize it for the recipient
ST#04856x  Our Price: $25.00

Star Book for Ministers_Pastoral Counseling
Star Book for Ministers - Pastoral Counsel
Rev. Dr. Jason Curry brings his experience as pastor, university chaplain, and pastoral counselor to bear in offering church leaders a compact and comprehensive overview of pastoral counseling as a critical aspect of pastoral care. Dr. Curry covers topics from a foundational definition of pastoral counseling to the unique considerations in counseling women, African Americans, and others
ST#048568  Our Price: $15.99

Star Book for Stewardship
Star Book for Ministers - Stewardship

A rich new volume in Judson Press’s best-selling “Star Book” series for ministers! Pastor and author Clifford Jones has compiled a rich collection of practical and biblical resources for church leaders who want to make stewardship a vital part of congregational life and discipleship. The new volume features sections on stewardship in the Old and New Testaments, content for the preaching and teaching ministries, and materials for the worship service. Also included are basic training guidelines for saving, reducing debt, estate planning, and even introducing financial principles to children and youth! A final section addresses the topics of financial transparency and accountability for leaders, a pastoral response to poverty, and giving as a spiritual discipline.

ST#886651  Our Price: $15.99

Star Book for Ministers - Preaching

A rich new volume in Judson Press’s best-selling “Star Book” series for ministers! Pastor and author Clifford Jones has compiled a rich collection of practical and biblical resources for church leaders who want to make stewardship a vital part of congregational life and discipleship. The new volume features sections on stewardship in the Old and New Testaments, content for the preaching and teaching ministries, and materials for the worship service. Also included are basic training guidelines for saving, reducing debt, estate planning, and even introducing financial principles to children and youth! A final section addresses the topics of financial transparency and accountability for leaders, a pastoral response to poverty, and giving as a spiritual discipline.

ST#884926  Our Price: $15.00

460230 Handbk for Ministers Wives Handbook for Ministers Wives
Books abound offering advice to pastors---but when it comes to the unique vocational challenges of a pastor's wife, resources are rare. Now Patterson, editor of The Woman's Study Bible, provides you with solid insights on everything from character and conduct, to commitments, community, and more. A must-have guide, whatever your denomination! 256 pgs  ST#460230 Our Price $16.99

Baptist Church Manual
Baptist Church Manual by J. Newton Brown
Includes the following-
Declaration of Faith
1. Of the Scriptures
2. Of the True God
3. Of the Fall of Man
4. Of the Way of Salvation
5. Of Justification
6. Of the Freeness of Salvation
7. Of Grace in Regeneration
8. Of Repentance and Faith
9. Of God's Purpose of Grace
10. Of Sanctification
11. Of the Perseverance of Saints
12 Of the Harmony of the Law and the Gospel
13. Of a Gospel Church
14. Of Baptism and the Lord's Supper
15. Of the Christian Sabbath
16. Of Civil Government
17. Of the Righteous and the Wicked
18. Of the World to Come
Church Covenant
Rules of Church Order
Forms of Church Letters
Contains the New Hampshire Declaration of Faith, Suggested Covenant, Rules of Order, and Forms of church letters.
Designed to be presented to new and prospective church members.    

ST#880151  Our Price: $5.00

462510 Hiscox Standard Baptist Manual
Hiscox Guide
A favorite among countless thousands of Baptists, the Hiscox manual addresses church membership, officers, and Christian discipline; the nature of the church; ministry, ordinances, and worship; the church's witness; and more.

ST#883401  Our Price $11.00

462510 Baptist Church Manual
Baptist Church Manual

A look at the nature, officers, doctrines, ordinances, government, discipline, and duties of a Baptist church organization.

ST#462510  Our Price: $16.99

469861 Baptist Deacon
Baptist Deacon

This book comes straight from the heart of a pastor who has had deacons for breakfast, dinner, and supper for as long as he can remember. The son of a Baptist minister, Dr. Naylor was influenced from childhood by men in this noble office of divine origin. His own twenty-five years in the Baptist ministry and his successful work with deacons in many churches, large and small, well qualify him to write this long needed book. 88 pgs.

ST#469861  Our Price: $12.99

039813 Deacon in Todays Black Church
Deacon in Todays Black Church
What does it mean to be a deacon in today's black Baptist church?
Respected author and pastor Rev. Dr. Marvin McMickle explores the scriptural basis and historical context for the deacon ministry in the black Baptist church, and addresses the practical issues related to this ministry today:

What personal qualities should a candidate for deacon possess?
What does the ministry of deacons entail?
What relationship should exist between the pastor and deacons?
What about training, term of service (if any), and women deacons?
Models of contemporary deacon ministry, illustrated by case studies, provide a twenty-first century look at this first century ministry.

ST#039813  Our Price $16.00

The Deacon and His Ministry
Deacon and His Ministry
This manual accents practical aspects of issues that typically confront the deacon in his or her duties in the church.
ST#014381  Our Price $5.95

064086 Deaconess Guide
Deaconess Guide

This guide presents classic inspiration for the deaconesses in your church. It examines the important role of Christian women in the early church to encourage the deaconesses of today. Includes a brief review of the qualifications of the deaconess and the duties of this office and presents classic inspiration for the godly deaconesses of our churches.

ST#064086  Our Price $8.50

829064 Lay Pastor Training_Student
Lay Pastor Training Seminar-Student Edition

Lay Pastor Definition: One who has the pastoral gift, who is trained and released to do the work of pastoring while still being employed in full-time secular work, and who is not necessarily ordained as an elder.

The Lay Pastor Training Program is a tool specifically written with the growing church in mind. Designed to help train lay pastors to help alleviate the heavy ministry load of elders and the senior pastor, this sixteen week course teaches lay people to do the harvesting and pastoring at a relational level within the local church. 409 pgs

ST#829064  Our Price $15.99

also available-
869056 Lay Pastor Training_Teacher
Lay Pastor Training Seminar-Teacher Edition
ST#829056  Our Price $22.99

880882 Ministers Handbook
Ministers Handbook
1. Helps for Worshipping
- Preparing to Worship
- Using Liturgy
- Preparing the Church Music
- Writing the Worship Service

2. Helps for Special Occasions in Worship
- The Lord's Supper
- The Ordinance of Baptism
- Dedications in the Life of the Church
- A Service for Licensing to the Ministry
- A Model Service of Ordination
- Models for Installation of Pastor
- Commissioning Service for Lay Ministers/Missionaries
- A Model Service for Anniversary Celebrations
- Special Days or Seasons

3. Helps for Special occasions in the Lives of People
- When a Baby is Born
- At Graduation
- When Young People Enter New Phases of Life
- When Marriage Takes Place
- When a Remarriage Takes Place
- Renewal of Vows
- When Sickness Strikes
- When Death Comes

4. Prayers for Pastoral Spiritual Growth
- Prayers for Personal Needs
- Prayers for the Church
- Prayers for the Community

Appendix 1: Helps for One Considering the Ministry
Appendix 2: When Retirement Comes
Appendix 3: Preparing Communion
Appendix 4: Baptism p. 219

Contains prayers and many helpful suggestions in the areas concerning four aread: (1) Worship in the church; (2) Helps for special occasions (e.g. The Lord's supper, Baptism, Ordination, etc); (3) Helps for Lives of people (The birth of children, Marriage, Death); and (4) Prayers for Pastoral Spiritual Growth.

ST#880082  Our Price : $15.99

99055x What the Bible Says to the Minister

What the Bibe Says to the Minister  You as God's minister are today dealing with awesome pressures and expectations from every side. Hurting people constantly bring you their needs and questions, expecting you as God's servant to solve and resolve them all.

So where do you, God's dearly beloved, find your solace and source of strength and answers?

God's voice for you when you most need It!

In these 426 pages, you will find God speaking directly to you from 400 old and new testament verses. Each chapter answers questions including….
*Your call—Your purpose—Your aim and goal
*Your commission—Your message—Your preaching
*Your duty toward false teaching and wrong doctrine
*Your daily walk, personal life, and behavior
*Your relations to family, critics, unbelievers
*Your attitude toward suffering, death and reward
Many Bible schools, colleges and seminaries now use this great handbook in course work and/or required reading. The Minister's Handbook is an excellent an award/presentation book, especially for graduates.

12 chapters, 426 pgs

ST#99055x  Our Price $15.99

990487 What the Bible Says to the Minister_Blk Leather
What the Bible Says to the Minister
 in black imitation leather-
ST#990487  Our Price $22.99

Ministers Manual NIV
Ministers Manual-NIV

ST#045476  Our Price : $15.99

Ministers Manual for Funerals
Ministers Manual for Funerals
The plans for this book began several years ago as I personally sought quality resources for my work with grieving families. With such an abundance of homeletical materials in general, I was concerned that there seemed to be very little to offer guidance for the funeral setting. The goal of this book is to provide resource material for a setting that has so much potential for ministry.
ST#463176  Our Price : $16.99

Ministers Service Manual
A book to help the pastor in preparing any type of service held in church. Contains forms and services for all occasions. 254 pages.
ST#441667  Our Price : $16.99

390905 Nelson Ministers Manual
Nelson Ministers Manual
The minister's life is punctuated by unscheduled emergencies in the lives of church members or other acquaintances. Here is a resource to help deal with those occurrences seamlessly.256 pages.
KJV Hardcover.
ST#390905  Our Price : $16.99

also available- Nelson Ministers Manual
KJV Black Bonded
ST#392854  Our Price : $24.99

also available-Nelson Ministers Manual
KJV Black/Blue Bonded
ST#397769  Our Price : $24.99

392592 Nelsons Ministers Manual Bl bd
also available- Nelson Ministers Manual
NKJV Black Bonded
ST#392592  Our Price : $24.99

also available- Nelson Ministers Manual
NKJV Brown/ Tan Bonded
ST#397750  Our Price : $24.99

also available- Nelson Ministers Manual
NKJV Hardcover
ST#390891  Our Price : $16.99

043019 Youth Ministers Manual
Nelson Youth Ministers Manual

Grow a strong, active youth group! In the tradition of Nelson's Minister's Manual and Nelson's Church Leader's Manual, Nelson's Youth Minister's Manual is a convenient, essential resource for youth leaders. Nelson's Youth Minister's Manual will help you plan youth events, work with church committees, engage parents, and mentor the future leaders of your church. This concise, complete guide gives helpful advice for growing spiritually strong, confident teens as they begin to encounter the realities of the world.

ST#043019  Our Price : $16.99

055731 Pastors Handbook
Pastor Handbook
A significant revision/expansion of John Bisagno''s popular, practical guidebook for pastors, Letters to Timothy, with dozens of new entries (for a total of 160 chapters). Foreword by Rick Warren.
ST#055731  Our Price $24.99

061180 Pastor Handbook
Pastor Handbook - KJV or NIV
how to conduct:
*worship service
*service of anointing for healing
*installation services
*church membership
*dedication of a baby or child
*consecration services for Christian
*ceremonies for buildings
102 pages, 14 chapters.

ST#161180  Our Price $14.99
Choose Version-

156085 Pastors Pal
Pastor Pal

-A comprehensive handbook for ministry. Pastors Pal contains suggestions for various special services, including weddings and funerals, providing practical advice for the local pastor. This manual for the busy pastor is designed to instruct, inform, amuse, and cause one to reflect upon some of the theological, administrative, and practical problems of today's pastorate.

ST#156085  Our Price $11.99

508197 Pastors Practical Guide to Funerals
Pastors Practical Guide to Funerals

This straight-forward book integrates the pragmatic “how to” of the funeral process--especially in dealing with “difficult” funerals--with the art of being a caring and healing presence before, during, and after the funeral. While conducting a funeral is one the great privileges of ministry, pastors must be skilled and ready to guide grieving family and friends through the process of saying goodbye and burying a loved one. With sample services, prayers, sermon themes, and Bible readings, this book will help pastors hear, name, and integrate relevant illustration into a respectful story of the deceased's life--a story that is appropriate to the particular circumstances of each situation. Contents include: Preparing for Death Caring through Anticipated Death Caring through Sudden Death Meeting with Family before the Funeral Service Creating the Funeral Service Creating the Funeral Sermon Following up with Grievers.

ST#508197  Our Price $16.99

462133 Pastors Wedding Manual
Pastors Wedding Manual
1. The Premarital Interview
2. Questions And Aspects To Discuss
3. Rehearsal Information
4. Wedding Ceremony Questionnaire
5. Choosing The Vows
6. The Rehearsal Itself
7. Orders Of Service
8. The Wedding Coordinator
9. The Wedding Day
66 Pages

The Pastor's Wedding Manual is an informative book that contains information on premarital questions and aspects of the wedding and marriage to discussed, information on planning and the actual ceremony, and information from the wedding coordinator to the minister performing the wedding.

ST#462133  Our Price $16.99

032044 Ushers Book
Ushers Book
A concise guide to the tasks and responsibility of the church usher intended to be used by church staff or volunteers to train new ushers and to help experienced ushers learn new ways to create a welcoming and safe environment for the congregation and visitors. The text covers ushers' responsibilities related to special worship services such as communion, weddings, and funerals, safety issues and the importance of the ushers' access to and knowledge of emergency equipment in the sanctuary, how ushers should assist persons with disabilities, how ushers serve as worship styles change, and a special section on Greeters and how they can work with ushers to create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors and new members. Includes a brief glossary of worship terms and a quick reference chart/checklist.
ST#032440  Our Price  $4.99

278882 Ushering 101
Ushering 101

Ushering in the local church is much more than just shaking hands and passing offering plates. Fulfilling your role as an usher is just as important to the body of Christ as that of a prophet, teacher or evangelist.

This book covers both the biblical and the practical aspects of church ushering. Buddy Bell, founder of Ministry of Helps International, combines humor with informative teaching to help you become more effective in your ministry. You will be challenged to serve with excellence as you learn the following:

The scriptural role of ushering
Leadership by example
The legal do's and don'ts of ushering
The responsibilities of the head usher
Plus much more!

ST#278882  Our Price :$7.99

994841 Ushers Handbook
Ushers Handbook

This resource offers guidance to those responsible for the ministry of welcome within congregations, stressing ushering as ministry.

ST#994841  Our Price $6.00